Construction Services Group

Construction Services

We provide General Contracting, Construction Management and Owner’s Representation in the following markets:

– Health Care
– Industrial
– Financial
– Education
– Senior Living
– Restoration

Construction Services Group LLC believes successful projects are the are the result of our commitment to our clients to provide quality management. Careful attention must be given to the details of each project to ensure the job is done right the first time. We strive to truly have a team environment to ensure the most important aspect of any projects is effective communication with all parties involved in the project. This saves the client and ourselves time and money. We believe we are experienced, competent and dependable. We pride ourselves in the quality of the work we perform to make each project a success.

Estimating and Value Engineering
Construction Services Group LLC performs work under various types of contracts (Lump Sum, Guaranteed Maximum Price, Agency Construction Management) depending on the owner’s requirements. If our services are requested in the preconstruction phase, we can manage the Value Engineering process. Based upon our experience and technical knowledge we may be able to offer options and alternatives, which will produce time and cost savings. This helps our clients match their needs with their budget to develop the most beneficial scope of work.

Project Management and Field Operations
Once a project has been awarded, we proceed with detailed scheduling, planning and submittals. Through our effective working relationship with the owner, architect, engineers, consultants and subcontractors we manage the submittal process to ensure the project schedule is maintained. This process begins with initial scheduling and ends when the material is inspected and accepted on site.

Prior to the start of any work on site, our Managing Members and field personnel completely review the plans and specifications of the project together.

At this time a second review is made to confirm the labor, materials, equipment and subcontractors necessary to perform the entire scope of work have been identified. A complete safety analysis is also conducted with both the Managing Members and field personnel. The site specific safety plan is incorporated into each subcontract to stress the importance to each subcontractor.

The project schedule is updated on a regular basis and reviewed at both the owner and subcontractor meetings.

Cost Control and Reporting
We pride ourselves on being well informed on field issues and the status of all aspects of the project. This helps us control costs on the project and effectively manage any changes that occur. Quarterly, monthly or biweekly reports are reviewed in order to properly track costs based on the complexity and schedule of the project. This aids the owner in the decision making process in the event that changes in the project scope occur or become necessary.